Love Wins

"Love wins"...what a positive and inclusive statement. But does it really? In a world filled with so much hate, division, and bigotry, does love actually win out? Join us for this powerful 3-week series as we explore the possibilities of "love wins" and how it becomes reality.

04-16-2017 Love won Series 04-16-2017 Love won

John 20:24-29

Love won by securing a place for your doubts and love won…

04-09-2017 Love restores Series 04-09-2017 Love restores

Luke 15:11-32

The love of Jesus specializes in restoring broken relationships.…

04-02-2017 Love unifies Series 04-02-2017 Love unifies

John 17:20-23

The love of Jesus is the only thing which can bridge our…