God I Never Knew

The Holy Spirit is the often overlooked, forgotten God. He is the spiritual fuel for our faith journey. Without Him, we live timid, tired, and tangled lives. But with the Spirit, ordinary people are able to do live extraordinary lives. So, just who is this Holy Spirit, and exactly what does He do? Join us as we clear up the misconceptions about the Holy Spirit. It’s time we got to know the God we never know. Our lives may never be the same!

11-06-2016 Fill 'er up Series 11-06-2016 Fill 'er up

Galatians 5:16-17, 25
The Holy Spirit can either be an influence or the…

10-30-2016 The X Factor Series 10-30-2016 The X Factor

Acts 1:4-5, 8
The Holy Spirit empowers us to live a supernatural life in…

10-23-2016 The BIG Reveal Series 10-23-2016 The BIG Reveal

John 16:8-15
The Holy Spirit guides our soul, heart and mind toward all…

10-16-2016 Holy...What? Series 10-16-2016 Holy...What?

John 14:16-18 & John 16:5-7
The Holy Spirit inside us is better than…