Dealing with Emojs

Emotions are a powerful and extraordinary part of being human. How we express those emotions can affect our relationships with loved ones, how we function in our work and even our interactions with strangers.

07-17-2016 Dealing with Joy Series 07-17-2016 Dealing with Joy

Luke 10:17-24 (report of the 72)

Joy is found in the assurance of God's…

07-03-2016 Dealing with Fear Series 07-03-2016 Dealing with Fear

Mark 14:32-42 (Garden of Gethsemane)
Overcoming fear and anxiety comes…

06-26-2016 Dealing with Anger. Series 06-26-2016 Dealing with Anger.

Mark 3:1-6 & Matthew 21:12-13 (Healing and temple)
Sinful anger leads…