Phantom Faith

It's not enough to simply go through the motions of Christianity. Many people in church know how to act
the part, but there’s no real life in their faith: something seems missing. This series will show us what
might be missing, and help us trade out our phantom faith for a faith that truly lives.

03-20-2016 Follower or consumer? Series 03-20-2016 Follower or consumer?

Mark 8:27-38

At some point in our faith journey, obedience to Jesus is…

03-13-2016 Start pursuing Series 03-13-2016 Start pursuing

Matthew 5:1-6

Too often, we live by the misguided assumption that religious…

03-06-2016 Stop negotiating Series 03-06-2016 Stop negotiating

Romans 4:1-5

Main Thought: We can’t impress God with our actions or "out-bargain"…