Money Matters

Money matters to you! Money Matters to God! Money Matters to the World! Somebody once
said, “Money isn't everything...but it ranks right up there with oxygen.” Money causes us more
stress and anxiety than just about anything in life. Money can be a blessing and it can be a curse! This series will teach money management on the foundation that God is the owner and we are the managers.

02-28-2016 God or gift? Series 02-28-2016 God or gift?

Key Scripture: Matthew 25:14-30

Key Thought: Ultimately, how we view our…

02-21-2016 Consumed or content? Series 02-21-2016 Consumed or content?

Key Scripture: I Timothy 6:6-19
When it comes to money, we can choose to…

02-14-2016 Trap or tool? Series 02-14-2016 Trap or tool?

Ecclesiastes 2:4-1, Luke 12:15-21, Matthew 6:19-24
Two challenges make…