Our culture has created so many barriers among humanity. There are barriers of race, religion, relationships. They are dividing our country and our world. But that was not God's plan. Peace and unity has always been the goal for God and His creation. That's why while Jesus lived here on planet earth, He broke down the barriers, smashed the walls of cultural norms, and opened up His Kingdom to everyone and anyone.

04-26-2015 The Prejudice Barrier Series 04-26-2015 The Prejudice Barrier

Acts 10:1-33
We all have built-in prejudices that God must break down if…

04-19-2015 Cultural Barriers Series 04-19-2015 Cultural Barriers

Jesus broke many cultural barriers as He encountered a woman at
a well...religious,…

04-12-2015 Spiritual Barriers Series 04-12-2015 Spiritual Barriers

Mark 5:1-20
Jesus told his followers to go to the "other side" where evil…