The New Normal

The New Normal With Jesus, those who thought they were ‘in,’ were actually ‘out’ and those who thought they had no hope for relationship with God found themselves in the midst of God’s pursuit of them. Jesus challenged religious people’s generally accepted beliefs and customs. He reframed God’s commands in terms of the
heart, rather than external obedience. He spoke freedom to the enslaved and hope to the hopeless. Join us this fall at Journey Church as we explore Jesus’ teachings of THE NEW NORMAL. It’s going to be a challenging, eye-opening ride; we hope you’ll be a part of it.

11-02-2014 Role reversal Series 11-02-2014 Role reversal

Matthew 7:12
Pursuing the needs and wants of others with the same intensity…

10-26-2014 To judge or not to judge Series 10-26-2014 To judge or not to judge

Matthew 7:1-6

You judge someone not when you assess their position, but…

10-13-2014 Now you see me Series 10-13-2014 Now you see me

Matthew 5:14-16
To turn off the darkness in this world, we need to turn…