We intentionally focus our time and resources toward the needs and interests of people outside of the church.  We understand it's not about us.  We actively seek out new ways to reach those far from God.  We purposefully respond to the needs of the world around us.    


We work hard at creating a “come as you are” culture where it's safe for people to be themselves.  We do not pretend to have it all together nor do we spiritually fake it.  What you see is what you get.   We are people with real problems,  real flaws, and real questions, seeking after a real Jesus.  There are "no perfect people allowed".


We pray audacious prayers, expecting God to move in big ways.  We allow our faith in Jesus to lead us into the unknown.  We will not play it safe with our mission.  We will dare to do the impossible for God.  


We are about team, both in life and ministry.  We aren’t interested in being lone rangers who "do their own thing".  At Journey, no one stands alone.


What we do matters because eternity hangs in the balance every single day.  We choose to be proactive rather than reactive with our mission.  We understand our time is limited, so we focus on what matters now.  We don't waste our time with religious pettiness.


We place the Bible, God' perfect truth, at the center of everything we do.  We trust it has the power to change hearts and transform lives.  We speak truth with grace and love, without compromise.  


We are fluid and adaptable, embracing change in order to reach our full Kingdom potential.  Everything is an experiment.  We are not afraid to stop doing good things in order to start greater things.  


God's love moves us to be radically generous toward the world around us.  We sacrificially and selflessly invest in our church, our community and our world.  Our heart's desire is that when we see a need, we will meet it.