Journey Groups

One of the best ways to get connected to Journey Church is through what we call Journey Groups.  These groups will provide you with ways to explore, discover, and live what God wants for your life. Each group has from 6-12 people that meet at either someone’s home, a coffee shop, or any environment that allows for connecting with each other.  From studying the Bible, living life, and serving together, our Journey Groups are designed to meet you where you are at spiritually and relationally so you can become all God wants you to be.


So no matter where you are, we are ready to come along side you and point you to Jesus through this next step.  Join a Journey Group today to explore, discover, and live the life that God has in store for you!


 Connect with a Journey Group


Adults (empty nesters)

Leaders: Sondra Mixdorf & Barb White
Time: Monday evenings, 7pm
Date: Current - December 19th
Location: Jack & Barb White's 
Contact: Sondra Mixdorf,


Leader: Steve Baker
Time: Thursday evenings, 7pm
Date: Current - December 15th
Location: Baker's home 
Contact: Steve,



Leaders: Chip & Meggan Ward
Time: Tuesday evenings, 7pm
Date: begins begins September 20th - December 20th
Location: Ward's House
Contact: Chip,




Leader: Cindy Gray & Amy Jo Baker
Time: Wednesday evenings, 7pm
Date:  begins October 5th - December 14th
Location: Gray's home
Contact: Amy Jo,



Leader: Ed Taylor
Time:  Tuesday evenings, 7pm
Date:  Current - December 20th
Location: Bensenville (contact for address)